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years and speed skaters north korean female ice hockey players are already practicing with their south korean team mates in a unified olympic team young chong games kick off on february night. you're up to date with the news we will see you again to the top of the. g.w. true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of programming go and there is. an attack on our innovations magazine for any show from the us from every week and always looking to the future w dot com for science and research for asia. what does
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a football loving country to reach its goals. we'll tell you how the german soccer gained it back to the top. in our web special on dot com football made in germany. hi and welcome to the movie magazine the oscar nominations are out and on today show we've got the favorites in the race for the twenty eighteen academy awards. and will look at have much of what the drawing room the german throne. but first two shocking new revelations in what's become
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a too familiar story accusations of sexual harassment in hollywood that started last year with producer harvey weinstein have sparked a global movement women many using the hashtag me to have called up men in the entertainment industry who abuse their power now the movement has reached germany several actresses have accused german director dieter vaghul of sexual violence ranging from harassment to rape going back decades. he had a reputation for being impulsive blunt and merciless now several women have come forward accusing german director dito vader of sexual assault actresses he worked with claim he assaulted them physically and sexually the cases date back to the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's when dieter vader was one of germany's best known and most successful television directors the women told their stories to german newspaper dietz site of how the star director abused them one of the women is swiss actress esther again
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when she was twenty four she says they lured her into his hotel room and assaulted her the accusations show a pattern suggesting videl targeted young women just starting out in their careers the accusations are backed up by physical evidence and numerous independent witnesses in the case of esther games the injuries she suffered as a result of the alleged attack forced her to drop out of the production a doctor's report from the time supports her version of events the producers of the broadcaster knew of the allegations fatal was never punished after games was replaced with a new actress kristensen they'd allegedly continued with his behavior could. incident says the director terrorized her after she refused his advances de tocqueville has not commented on the latest allegations citing poor health following a recent heart attack the prosecutor's office in munich is currently investigating a separate assault allegation against the seventy five year old director david ok suggests that the culture of silence within the german entertainment industry may
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be coming to an end because this time no one is looking away. the impact of me who will also be felt at the oscars politics used to be taboo at the academy awards but in twenty eight teen it will be center stage even nominations this time were more diverse and included more women than ever before here are the contenders looking to make oscar history this year. it's been more than ten years since guillermo del toro wowed the oscars with pounds labyrinth now the mexican master is back with the shape of water and thirteen oscar nominations it's a story of love and dreams set against a backdrop of cold war paranoia a cleaning lady and a top secret lab makes an incredible discovery. i don't want it in frickin beautiful thing destroyed we could do nothing i'm sorry let me sleep. is. this fairy tale for grown ups
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is the film to beat at the twenty eight thousand oscars alongside nominations for best film best director and best original screenplay is a well earned best actress nomination for star sally hawkins but the british actress has some stiff competition. frances mcdormand could win her second oscar for a career high performance. in three billboards outside at the in missouri she plays mildred a tough mother fighting for justice no i really. was on what you can and cannot say on a billboard i assume you can't say nothing defamatory new can't say that right or. and. i think up they are right there. that's right. america has to put up
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a board my daughter angela was murdered seven months ago it seems to me the police department is too busy torturing black folks to solve actual crime with seven oscar nominations including best film it's clear the movie's themes of racism and police brutality have struck a chord women and minorities are more visible this year the nominees are the most diverse group in oscar history one german heading to hollywood is khatib ben hopped the young director is nominated for best live action short for her thirty minute drama what to want are all of us based on a true story it follows a group of christians and muslims traveling together through kenya islamic terrorists attacked their bus and want to kill the christians but their muslim friends protect them. oh. you know what it would. have been was in kenya screening her film when she got the oscar news the awards will be
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given out on march fourth. kathy a better isn't the only female director to beat the odds to make her debut film t.v. tolan used her own money and broke all the rules especially in her choice of the genre her cycle her is the kind of movie you don't see much in german sort of. freddie's lost everything he only sees his son on weekends his wife left him after he supposedly beat her unconscious. i want a man. a couple seasons from the city as it is for us and that's about. it because she's going to be just. as viruses which will be. something. so that's. but in this film we can't be sure what is true but tale of sexual abuse psychosis and revenge freddy eddy is a chilling and powerful thriller one made on
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a shoestring budget. family in fish one one of i shot the film without any subsidies and almost no money for seventy five thousand euros that sounds like a lot but for a film it's very little everyone deferred their salaries and work for nothing. the director plowed her savings into the film and made up the rest through online crowdfunding acting friends including star jessica shots work for free it paid off freddy eddie was a hit on the festival circuit after failing to find someone willing to release her movie to mung is doing it herself. freddy insists he's innocent but his story of a criminal twin brother eddie doesn't convince even his shrink he tells him to drop the act it was others were easy. to skew the truth on few muslims who try to take him. on this.
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seems pretty. pretty empty a powerful gripping debut. as i said german thrillers are a rare commodity but we've got one more for you today this time it's a full on gangster movie from director. starring mort's blood troy as a one time criminal trying to go straight. as me if you don't count ricky has served his time and just back out on the mean streets of frankfort. he took the heat for his brother and a friend it cost him five years now he wants to start over. but his old crew is still out there and money is tight. it's just that. he's going to go.
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see. the fixed income not. the pension shisha so few times and. there. is always a symbol. for the. will. so he goes back to the life one last job a sure thing drop the local drug dealers a fifty thousand euros worth of heroin sell it take the cash and start a new life. among. see that a bus that offers you the very top of the top somebody you can never go for the full. confidence going to the beach with the big fish. but this is not the frankfurt most people see but the film feels and sounds authentic instead of professional actors the director cast rappers from frankfurt's hip hop scene in
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many of the key roles. if he does not involve in his must it have to smell of the streets to taste like the streets and everything that goes with it and the dog i grew up in a neighborhood with the kind of guys in this film i know them well i know how they take candy guns schooled and tries to take a step down. the streets no no mercy neither does this film the deal goes bad ricky's brother who also wants to escape the criminal life loses the stolen drugs deanna a cop uncovers their plan and decides to get dirty herself she needs money to help her daughter who is terminally ill and. can put in the can because it's from. there to many pulliam so it's a continuation of it and so forth and of to. us. and that's unself mean if it's an optimist i hope. it will make you have friends
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and have some me talk. hopefully the audience feels for all three of them and roots for all of them hopes all of them achieve that goal but to do that they have to destroy each other it's really a classic tragedy classes with a good year to violence begets violence murder leads to murder everyone is caught up in the same spiral it's a powerful if to pressing look at a world with no escape in you very much story no one gets out unscathed. this is the suspicion with this new film is get you dream puts a german spin on a film genre most viewers only know from hollywood. and with german gangsters paradise we ended a show for the latest film news as well as all the oscar nominations check out our
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website we're back next week until then also at the movies. and. more intrigue on international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week by the syrian kurdish fighters being attacked by turkey terrorists or are they reliable allies in the fight against islamic state and do they need and deserve the west's help that's our topic on country. next on w. lawyer.
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car culture. hair. oh what a. large story. sixteen years. my first boss i was a sewing machine. where i come from women are almost by the social influence in something as simple as learning how to write a by side poses and. since i was in the good i want to buy said the old michael but he took me mr money might. finally gave up and mentioned by me on my side those hundred tons because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for goes than writing on buying and snarl i want to meet. women back home who are bones
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about into things and social norms and inform them of old dead basic rights my name is the about of people homes and they work. hello and welcome to quadriga operations all of that is the rather ironic name that turkey has given to the military offensive it's currently waging against kurdish fighters in northern syria president out of one says he's simply following up on the defeat.


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